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I don't claim to be an expert on cars, in fact my son Jason, who is 14 years old, can teach me a lot since he's been devouring books on the subject since he first learned to read. He wants to be car designer when he grows up - but then I wanted to be a train driver even though I've finished up as a butcher so who knows.

I have always been fascinated though by the way that so many cars have been made over the last few decades but so few have actually been successful financially. I have often wondered how many manufacturers set out initially to make money but found that their enthusiasm for their masterpieces led them to pour more and more money into them to get exactly what they wanted when they could have bought components off the shelf from specialists and saved both time and money. Perhaps it really is a business for hard nosed entrepreneurs who will squeeze the last penny out of their investments rather than car nuts who will get carried away experimenting with valve settings, wind tunnel results and the colours of their mascots, whilst the money flows out.

Fortunately though, without those same car nuts we would not have many of the most beautiful and exciting cars to drool over, talk about and even, who knows, own one day.

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