What is the difference between a great car and an also-ran?

Sometimes it's timing; sometimes it's luck. A design that's just gone out of fashion, or one that's too far ahead of it's time.Maybe politics, or dirty tricks by competitors. Whatever the reasons, here is a collection of cars that should have made it, but didn't.

Tucker 48 Image

Tucker 48: a highly advanced car, but was it brought down by competitors' dirty tricks?

Cizet-Moroder V16T Image

Cizet-Moroder V16T: a real supercar but no-one had heard of them.

Goicattolo V8 Image

Giocattolo V8: Australia's first supercar, destroyed by it's own government.

Gordon Keeble Image

Gordon-Keeble: an excellent car but underpriced and underfunded.

Jankel Gold Label Image

Jankel Gold Label: so luxurious that only an oil-rich sultan could afford one.

Lister Storm Image

Lister Storm: building the fastest saloon car in the world made it way too expensive.

Manic GT Image

Manic GT: a Canadian car, defeated by the Canadian government.

Monica 560 Image

Monica 560: you should never launch a gas guzzler at the height of an oil crisis.

Perodua Kelisa Image

Perodua Kelisa: not a bad car but would you buy one with a name like that?

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